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Join hands with a responsible seller of HIV Kit, Sterile Wraps, Disposable Lab Coat, Delivery Kit, etc.

Who We Are

We are Siddhtech Healthcare Services Private Limited, a company that aspires to be a globally famed manufacturer and supplier of Disposable Face Mask, Surgical Gown, Examination Hand Gloves, Sterile Wraps, Disposable Bed Sheet, Delivery Kit, HIV Kit, etc. We provide many essential kits, gowns, aprons and drapes that are worn during surgeries and other critical medical examinations to protect patients, healthcare providers and caregivers from coming into contact with bacteria and other contaminants, and also maintain absolute sterility in the operating room. This is the reason, we comply with many applicable standards and norms to offer quality tested gowns and other products in a range of approved styles, colours and fabrics. Our line of high-quality disposable safety & surgical products apart from healthcare is also demanded for use in the wellness, hospitality, food processing and other industries.

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Our Vision

Since inception in the year 2018, we have been training our team of 110 experts to deliver solutions that provide complete healthcare value. Their ongoing support helps us keep pace with our commitment and manage all our business processes in a way that leads to client satisfaction, and consequently our market expansion. Every employee associated with our company is encouraged to practice clear internal and external communications so that we remain much more poised to please clients and capture a sizeable market share.

Values We Follow

We know how we want our company to look like down the years as a formidable and unrivalled name in the global healthcare sector. This is the reason we take a route that leads to the complete satisfaction of all clients by strictly following these cardinal values in our manufacturing business:

  • Quality: Observe standard quality in all works.
  • Fair Pricing: Never quote unethical prices in our line of Sterile Wraps, Delivery Kit, HIV Kit, etc.
  • Labour Satisfaction: Ensure satisfaction of employees.
  • Agile & Lean Manufacturing: Adopt progressive techniques of manufacture.
  • High Performance Machines: Use only high-tech machines for facilitating manufacturing works.

Quality Trust

We focus on quality and customer service, instead of making fast profits in business, which has helped us attain all our quality goals and achieve many quality credentials and certificates, such as:

  • CE
  • ISO 11135:2014
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 22612:2005
  • ISO 22609:2004
  • ISO 16603:2004
  • ISO 16289:2014
  • EN 14126:2003
  • EN ISO 13795:2019
  • EN 471
  • EN 166:2002